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Newborn Flower Baby Bather

Rated the #1 Innovative Bathtime Product by Moms 2 Years in a Row!

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Premium Spa Like Bath

- Gives support to head and back
- Durable Material 
- Flexible Shape to fit all sinks 
- Water drains off mat directly into sink

The Flower Bath Baby Bather is the most luxurious and premium bath ever! It has an elegant design, features four petals and a thinner foam. Why would anyone want to bathe their baby in a hard plastic tub when they could surround their little one in the cuddly softness of an adorable plush flower?

7 Wide, Contoured Petals (EASY TO PLACE)

The Flower Baby Bather has a new shape! 7 wider, contoured shaped petals opposed to 4 petals on the original design. These wider petals create a safe seat that cradles baby like no other bath can.

This Bather was made from incredibly soft, cuddly materials, The Flower baby bath hugs any sink to create an adorable, safe, fun and convenient bath time experience.

Our Materials cradle and cushion your baby like no other baby tub can. Forget about those hard plastic baby bath tubs or baby bath seats that are uncomfortable and don't cradle your child during bath time. It’s a unique, easy, hassle-free experience that allows you to enjoy those special moments bathing your infant.

    • Incredibly Soft

      Blooming Bath is Incredibly Soft
    • Safe And Durable

      Blooming Bath is Durable
    • Very Comfortable

      Blooming Bath is Incredibly Comfortable

Easy to wring out, faster to dry

Improved crystal minky fabric make the Flower Baby Bather a breeze to wash and dry.

Polyurethane foam on the inside helps it dry fast with no chance of mold or mildew! Our materials are never treated with any harmful chemicals or flame retardants. Only the best for your little ones!

Brother with baby in Blooming Bath 


How to Use

The Baby Bather creates a cheerful and practical bathtime experience. Simply plug the sink drain, insert the Baby Bather, and pour water to desired level and temperature. Lower baby into flower and admire the smiles. Never run water directly on baby, as temperate could change without notice.

Once bath time is over, caring for your Flower Baby Bath is a breeze. Once baby is safe and warm, simply wring out the excess water and place in the dryer for 10-15 minutes, or hang dry using the hangtag on the back. It's also washer and dryer safe on the delicate cycle.

The Baby Flower Bather is available in Numerous adorable color combos. It is recommended for newborns and babies up to six months. However, The Flower Baby Bath has been known to be a comfy companion for infants who are transitioning to the big bathtub as well.


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