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Kids Anatomy Apron


New design made of high quality cotton fabric.

Fun way to teach anatomy and help introduce kids to what's inside a human body. Teach kids about the human organs, their shapes, where they're located and possibly help spark an interest to learn more about their functions. Your child will quickly learn about all of the vital organs and will have fun doing so! What a great way and fun way to get an understanding of anatomy and spark and interest on the roles and functions human organs! 

The selection of internal organs are removable, so they can easily be attached and detached with the velcro strips.

A visual help for children learning the names, location, size and the shape of the main body organs. The organs are removable, pasted in velcro.
Great teaching aid for the classroom, a fun way to teach anatomy, help kids know what's inside the human body.
just wrap the apron around your body just like any other apron, and each organ is attached using Velco strips so you can tear each one off to get a closer look, and place it back on the apron when you're done inspecting it.
The kids organ apron includes most of the important internal organs of the chest and abdomen including the heart, the lungs, the liver, stomach, large and small intestines, the kidneys, and more.
The organ apron is a perfect visual aid for your children to learn all of the important organs in the human body, as the name of each organ is behind each one. If they don't remember the name of a certain one, they can peel it off to find out what it's called.
The anatomy kids apron is made from polyester and cotton material, is meant for kids aged 3 and up, and makes for a great costume when not being used to teach or learn.

Item specifics

Brand Name: Kids anatomy apron
Age Range: 8~13 Years,2-4 Years,5-7 Years
Warning: With small parts, please do not play under the supervision of parents
Material: polyester and cotton.
For ages 3 years and up.
Package Included: 1pc Kids Anatomy Apron