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Floating Ball Shooting Game-【Buy 2 Free Shipping】

Level-up your party game!

Do you have new forms of entertainment in mind? Take out the latest interactive game that you can play with everyone in your family!

Exciting shooting experience

🔫You can adjust the level of airflow based on the level of your gaming
🔫Glows in the dark and illuminates neon green colored light
🔫Intensify your gaming experience with the help of the built-in speakers

    Improve your shooting skills

    🔫Boosts your hand-eye coordination
    🔫Great practice for perfecting your shooting skills

    🔫Allows you to have better focus by shooting floating balls

      Enjoyable and challenging

      🔫Fun to play at parties and gatherings with family and friends
      🔫Gives you an opportunity to show off your great shooting skills by challenging your friends to play with you

      🔫Players of all ages will certainly enjoy this type of game because it is interactive and safe

        Regular edition
        • Dimension33.6 x 28 x 9.8 cm
        • Weight: 739g
        • Power supply4*C type batteries

        Upgraded version
        • Dimension: 38 × 28.4 × 7.7 cm
        • Weight: 815g
        • Power supplyUSB & 4*AA



        • Standard Set: 1 * Blaster Gun/ 1 * Target Air Base/ 3 * Bullets/ 10* Balls
        • Family Set: 2 * Blaster Gun/ 1 * Target Air Base/ 6 * Bullets/ 10* Balls
        • Big Family Set: 4 * Blaster Gun/ 1 * Target Air Base/ 12 * Bullets/ 10* Balls

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