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5MM Magnetic Balls

  • Build and engineer limitless shapes and structures
  • You can create unlimited geometric patterns with our metal cube toy, feels nice to hold, and fun to use. Build anything you want by rearranging metal blocks that are fun.
  • Suitable for office use, used for creativity and craft decoration on your desktop.
  • Parents Accompany Needed- AGE 14+ recommendation. Magnetic cube is Not suitable for children under 14 years. If kids are under 14 years old, should be companied by adults when they play it.



  • HIGH-QUALITY MAGNETS: Nickel coated neodymium magnets are fun to play with, and will hold their magnetism for a lifetime
  • BOOST FOCUS: Studies show mindless fidget toys recharge the mind’s attention span and ability to concentrate
  • REDUCE STRESS: Fidget toys also lower anxiety, lessen ADHD/ADD symptoms and promote a sense of calm
  • EASILY STACK INTO COUNTLESS SHAPES: See how many different mini magnetic masterpieces you can create